22nd Annual Health Promotion Conference, 7 June 2018
Workshop Details

There will be nine workshops offered which delegates are asked to sign up for during online registration. There are three workshops in each of the conference themes: Services, Practice and Research.


Focused workshops: Each theme has two ‘focused’ workshops each will be led by an experienced facilitator with an invited speaker who will speak briefly at the start on their experiences. This will then be opened up for a wider group discussion.


Open forum workshops: There will be one ‘open forum’ workshop in each of the themed areas. These workshops have a broader remit and will be run by experienced facilitators who will further encourage and facilitate the groups’ discussions around the issues emerging from the plenary and parallel presentations.



Workshop A: ‘focused workshop’ - Patient and Public Partnership-Acute Hospital Services HSE 
Presenter June Boulger, Health Service Executive


Workshop B: ‘focused workshop’ on young people's experiences of service development
Service User, Galway Young Diabetic Clinic


Workshop C: ‘open forum’ workshop on service provision
Facilitator Siobhan McGrory, Jigsaw



Workshop D: ‘focused workshop’ - Constructivist learning as a response to human distress (Putting adult education at the service of mental health recovery)
Presenter Donal Hoban, The Recovery College.   


Workshop E: ‘focused workshop’ with service user engagement examples
Presenter Gary Nugent, Jigsaw


Workshop F: ‘open forum’ workshop on practice
Facilitator Evelyn Fanning, HSE West



Workshop G: ‘focused workshop’ - How can you include and develop PPI in your research?
Presenters Ruth McMenamin & Edel Tierney, NUI Galway 


Workshop H: ‘focused workshop’ - Identifying and engaging research partners
Presenter Jon Salsberg, University of Limerick. Patient and Public Partnership-Acute Hospital Services HSE


Workshop I: ‘open forum’ workshop on research
Facilitator Saoirse Nic Gabhainn, NUI Galway.