Research Publication and Dissemination - The Future?, January 10, 2008
Conference Themes

Research Publication and Dissemination - the Future?

Thursday 10th January 2008

National University of Ireland, Galway

Conference Aim
The primary aim of this event is to examine key issues affecting research publication and dissemination both nationally and globally.   A key outcome will be to stimulate meaningful discussion and debate around practical issues and gain insight into emerging developments in this arena.

Conference themes
1. Scholarly publication and dissemination in transition mapping the landscape
2. Measuring research performance  - the impact factor practice and effect
3. Reinventing the scholarly peer-reviewed journal the case for Open Access
4. A new publishing paradigm: new horizons in scholarly publication

Who should attend? 
This conference is aimed at authors / researchers in all disciplines; PhD research students; clinicians; funders; policy makers; librarians and other stakeholders in the scholarly publishing arena, across Ireland.