International Symposium on Herring, August 26-29, 2008

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Participants are invited to submit abstracts (on line) on topics within the scope of the Conference. Proposals for oral or poster presentations will be reviewed by the Scientific Committee on the basis of 250-word abstracts. Indicate clearly if the paper is intended as an oral or a poster presentation, and also indicate the number of the topic for which the contribution is intended. The Abstracts Book will be distributed to the participants at the beginning of the Conference together with a CD-Rom.

Preparation and submission of abstract
Maximum length of abstract 250 words including titles, names etc. Abstracts should be in English. All text should be in 11-point Times New Roman.

  • Title: bold Capitals.
  • Family names followed by initials.
  • Presenting author underlined.
  • Institution, address, including city and country.
  • Blank line.
  • Abstract text: single line spacing and justified to occupy the full page width.
  • Indent paragraphs by 3 spaces. No photographs or figures allowed including letterheads and logos.

The Symposium Proceedings will be published in the ICES Journal of Marine Science with guest editor Niels Daan.

Abstracts can only be submitted through the conference website.  Please follow the instruction on the web site. The deadline for submission of abstracts is 31st March, 2008.