Neuroscience Ireland, August 28/29, 2008
Scientific Programme
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Scientific Programme – Day 1 – Thursday 28th August 2008



8:00-8:45          Registration at Aras Moyola

8:45-9:00          Welcome address



Chairpersons     Dr. Karen Doyle & Dr. Adrienne Gorman


9:00-9:30          IS-1: Invited speaker presentation

                        Prof. Marina Lynch, Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland

                        Modulation of microglial activation by cell-cell interactions


9:30-9:45          OP-1: B. Boland, D. Mooney, D.M. Walsh, F.M. Platt

                        Autophagy induction and autophagosome clearance in neurons: Relationship

                        to autophagic pathology in Alzheimer's disease


9:45-10:00        OP-2: M.A. King, D.M. Kieran, J. Sebastia, B. Breen, J.H.M. Prehn

                        Role of astroglia in angiogenin-mediated motoneuron protection


10:00-10:15      OP-3: J.H. Stockley, F. Mattoli, A. Lindsay, M.W. McCaffrey, C. O’Neill

                        Altered B1 (β-secretase) levels and activity associated with synaptic formation

                        in the developing mouse cortex


10:15-10:30      OP-4: L.P. Tuffy, C.G. Concannon, M.W. Ward, J.H.M Prehn

                        Activation of JNK and induction of Bim are central to NMDA receptor-mediated

                        apoptotic injury in the mouse cortex


10:30-11:00      IS-2: Invited speaker presentation

                        Prof. Deniz Kirik, Lund University, Sweden

                        Are the animal models of Parkinson’s disease suitable for development of

                        neuroprotective therapies?


11:00-12:00     COFFEE AND POSTER SESSION A (PP-1 to PP-42)


12:00-1:00        PL-1: PLENARY LECTURE

                        Prof. David Nutt, University of Bristol, UK

                        Psychopharmacology of anxiety: From molecular imaging to challenge tests


1:00-2:00         LUNCH



Chairpersons     Dr. John Kelly and Dr. Dara Cannon


2:00-2:30          IS-3: Invited speaker presentation

                        Prof. John Waddington, Royal College of Surgeons, Ireland.

                        Mutant models for genes associated with schizophrenia:

                        psychopharmacological characterisation


2:30-2:45          OP-5: C.A. Browne, F. O’Brien, T.J. Connor, T.G. Dinan, J.F. Cryan.

                        BALB/c mice as a model of aberrant stress-induced cytokine expression:

                        Relevence to major depression


2:45-3:00          OP-6: R.D.J. Armstrong, T.A. Jenkins, G.P. Reynolds

                        The effects of 5-HT1a and 5-HT transporter genotypes on 5-HT turnover and

                        postsynaptic binding at 5-HT2a receptors


3:00-3:15          OP-7: M. Roche, E. Hayes, D.P. Finn.

                        Formalin-induced nociception is increased in the olfactory bulbectomised rat

                        model of depression


3:15-3:30          OP-8: I. Walsh, D.M. Yilmazer-Hanke

                        Interaction of genotype and early postnatal amphetamine treatment in

                        modulating the extinction of conditioned fear


3:30-4:00          IS-4: Invited speaker presentation

                        Dr. Chantal Martin-Soelch, University of Basel, Switzerland

                        Is depression associated with a dysfunction of the cerebral reward system?


4:00-4:30         COFFEE



Chairpersons     Dr. David Finn and Dr. Brian McGuire


4:30-5:00          IS-5: Invited speaker presentation

                        Prof. George Shorten, University College, Cork, Ireland

                        Chronic postsurgical pain


5:00-5:15          OP-9: R.K. Butler, K. Rea, D.P. Finn

                        Role of the endocannabinoid and MAP kinase signalling systems in the rat

                        basolateral amygdala in pain- and fear-related behaviour


5:15-5:30          OP-10: S.M. O'Mahony, P. Fitzgerald, D.C.Bulmer, A.M. Coelho, T.G.Dinan, J.F.


                        Central 5-HT2B receptors modulate visceral hypersensitivity in a genetic model

                        of irritable bowel syndrome


5:30-6:00          IS-6: Invited speaker presentation

                        Prof. Stephen McMahon, King’s College, London, UK

                        Genetic determinants of pain


6:00-7:00          Neuroscience Ireland Business Meeting









Scientific Programme – Day 2 – Friday 29th August 2008




Chairpersons     Dr. Eilís Dowd and Dr. Siobhan McMahon


9:00-9:30          IS-7: Invited speaker presentation

                        Dr. Claire Kelly, Cardiff University, UK

                        Cell replacement therapy for neurodegenerative diseases


9:30-9:45          OP-11: E.C. Bunk, J.H.M. Prehn, B.P. Kirby

                        Analysis of neuronal stem cell fate in an in vivo model of excitotoxic injury


9:45-10:00        OP-12: S. Grealish, L. Thompson, D. Kirik, A. Björklund

                        Functional reconstruction of the nigrostriatal pathway in a mouse model of

                        Parkinson’s disease


10:00-10:15      OP-13: N. Madigan, S. McMahon, T. Ritter, G. Rooney, F. Barry, A. Windebank,

                        T. O’Brien

                        Regeneration of injured spinal cord neurons through implantable polymer

                        bridges using a combined approach of neurotrophic support and glial scar



10:15-10:30      OP-14: K. Mnich, E. Dowd, D.P. Finn, A.M. Gorman

                        Anandamide protects against 6-hydroxydopamine-induced apoptosis in rat

                        PC12 cells


10:30-11:00      IS-8: Invited speaker presentation

                        Prof. Jacqueline De Belleroche, Imperial College, London, UK

                        Common mechanisms of neurodegeneration and the development of

                        neuroprotective strategies


11:00-12:00     COFFEE AND POSTER SESSION B (PP-43 to PP-100)


12:00-1:00        PL-2: PLENARY LECTURE

                        Prof. Aviva Tolkovsky, University of Cambridge, UK

                        Cryptic mechanisms of neurodegeneration


1:00-2:00         LUNCH


SESSION V       Glial Biology

Chairpersons     Dr. Una Fitzgerald and Dr. Kieran McDermott


2:00-2:30         IS-9: Invited speaker presentation

                        Prof. Stephen McQuaid, Queen’s University, Belfast, Northern Ireland

                        The effects of blood brain barrier disruption on glial cell function in multiple



2:30-2:45          OP-15: P. Cunnea, J. McMahon, A. Ni Mháille, S. McQuaid, U. Fitzgerald

                        Expression of endoplasmic reticulum stress genes in laser microdissected

                        multiple sclerosis lesions


2:45-3:00          OP-16: B. Farrell, K.W. Mc Dermott.

                        The potential interaction between microRNA-124a and Sox9 in neuroepithelial

                        progenitor cells in the developing spinal cord.


3:00-3:15          OP-17: R-D. Gosselin, N. Dwyer, P. Fitzgerald, T.G. Dinan, J.F. Cryan

                        The glutamate transporter EAAT1 is alterated in spinal astrocytes of the rat

                        maternal separation model of visceral hypersensitivity


3:15-3:30          OP-18: C.M. Dolphin, P. Cunnea, U. FitzGerald.

                        Characterisation of the expression of endoplasmic reticulum stress signalling

                        pathway molecules during oligodendrocyte differentiation


3:30-4:00          IS-10: Invited speaker presentation

                        Prof. Richard Reynolds, Imperial College, London, UK

                        Changes in oligodendrocyte-axon interactions in multiple sclerosis


4:00                 FAREWELL AND PRIZEGIVING

                        (Sponsored by Science Foundation Ireland)