International Symposium on Herring, August 26-29, 2008
Student Grants

The organising committee of the International Symposium on Herring has a limited budget to partially fund young scientists in order to let them to participate and disseminate their work at an international platform. Grants range from 300 up to 500 depending on situation and location.  The closing date for applications is March 31, 2008.

Eligibility for this grant will be under strict conditions as follows;
1. Applicant has to be a young scientist.
2. Work to be presented must be a significant contribution to the conference.
3. It is desirable the applicant is located in one of the Developing Countries.
4. Applicant must be affiliated to a third level educational institution (Technical Institute, University or other).
5. Applicant must have submitted an abstract through the website before applying for this grant.
If you think you are eligible please email the conference secretariat and outline your reasons why you are eligible.

Grants will be paid during the conference.

The Local Organising committee

(Please note student accommodation is available when you register on line.)