Tax Research Network Conference, 2008
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Galway is situated on the West Coast of the Republic of Ireland and may be reached by air, ferry, train, bus or car.  The following air links may be of assistance,, and

For international delegates we recommend the following arrangements, in order of decreasing preference:

1. Fly direct into Galway Airport.  International flights directly into Galway Airport are available on, with flights mainly from the UK, Netherlands and France.

2. Fly into Dublin Airport ( and either fly from there to Galway Airport or take a coach from Dublin Airport to Galway city.  Connecting flights from Dublin Airport to Galway Airport are available through Aer Arann ( who run flights from 9am through to 10:30pm.  The flight connection schedule from aerarann is available here, or as pdf download hereGalway Airport is approximately 5km from Galway city centre, and both the University and the Radisson SAS hotel are close to the city centre. There are taxi services from Galway Airport to Galway city: there is no bus shuttle. Car hire is also available.

Dublin Airport has many international connections but is about 220km from Galway (3.5 - 4hr drive). Good car hire facilities are available from Dublin Airport

Rather than flying from Dublin Airport to Galway Airport you could take a coach.  Independent operators run dependable hourly coach services from Dublin Airport to Galway city (, or, departing outside the Arrivals terminal.  These coach trips take about 3.5 - 4 hrs. 

3. Fly into Shannon Airport ( and take a coach to Galway city.  Shannon Airport has direct international connections with the USA and elsewhere.  It is about 100km from Galway (1.5 to 2 hr drive).  Coaches run hourly from Shannon Airport to Galway city (, or  A taxi/hackney service is available but would be quite expensive.  There are good car hire facilities.

There are other ways to get to Galway - some are outlined below:

Ireland West Airport Knock: is 1.5 hrs drive from Galway: however there no coaches to Galway, and you would need to hire a car.

By Rail:  There is a regular rail service between Dublin city and Galway city.  However you would need to shuttle from Dublin Airport to Dublin city to catch a train to Galway, and trains are infrequent after 6pm. Timetables, ticket prices and all other information regarding rail travel in Ireland can be found on the Irish Rail web site:

By Sea:  There are several car/passenger ferries from the UK and France (Cherbourg or Rosscoff). The following links may help with further information on sea travel:, and/or   




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