2nd International Conference on Service-Learning in Teacher Education, June 25-27, 2009
Call for Proposals

We invite you to submit a proposal for one of the following presentation formats:

 90-minute Interactive Workshops develop an understanding of major concepts and skills for high-quality service-learning implementation in teacher education.  An individual or a team may facilitate.

 90-minute Panel Discussions provide papers on research, coursework/syllabi, and project examples focused on service-learning in teacher education. Each presenter will speak for 20 minutes. These will be combined with the work of others in similar fields with no more than three papers to a session. A facilitator will coordinate the session.

  45-minute Roundtable Discussions engage a small group of people (about 10) in discussion of research, a case study, or issue pertaining to service-learning in teacher education.  Roundtables provide a focused time for learning from one another. Presenters may provide participants with a complete paper or a brief (1-2 page) written summary. Participants then brainstorm, exchange ideas, or ask and answer questions. The Roundtables will be offered twice within the 90-minute block.

 Poster Sessions present visual/graphic representations that describe professional work, whether research, projects, partnerships, or coursework.  The may include film, video, and passive visuals.

If you are interested in being a presenter, consider the following:

We seek presenters who envision service-learning as a necessary component of teacher education, both pre-service (educating new teachers) and in-service (ongoing professional development for practicing employed teachers). We seek proposals that provide research-based insights, reflect critically on key issues, or raise important questions for international discussion.

Because we want to stimulate effective international connections, we encourage you to explore the possibility of collaborating on a proposal with a professor or teacher from a different country.  Should you be interested in locating an international co-presenter, consider using the National Service-Learning Clearinghouse Higher Education Listserv; you can join by going to their Web site: http://www.servicelearning.org. You can also seek co-presenters on the ICSLTE listserv; you can join by contacting us at iclste-l@clemson.edu.

We recognize that proposals may be based on a wide variety of interest areas and motivations for integrating service-learning into teacher education, including but not limited to the following:

 Civic engagement and democratic participation
 Teaching for global citizenship
 Preparation to use service-learning as a pedagogy
 Achievement of teacher education standards
 Personal and social development of students
 Social justice
 Inter-culturalism and diversity
 Critical inquiry and reflection
 Career exploration
 K-12/higher education connections
 (Inter)-Generational learning
 Education reform/transformation
 Moral and civic dispositions of educators
 Dropout prevention
 Youth development
 Youth involvement/disaffection
 Cross cultural and cross-national comparisons
 Public policy in teacher education reform (e.g.: certification/licensure, accreditation)

You may submit two proposals for consideration.

The Conference Planning Team, with its international representation, will jury all submissions. Criteria for acceptance will include relevance to conference goals and quality of proposal. Conference planners will take into consideration international representation and overall program balance for determining presentation format.

Submissions must be sent and received by Friday, 31 October 2008.

Notification of acceptance will be sent to the lead presenter by Monday, 1 December 2008.