ISBA - 7th International Short Break Conference, June 9-11, 2010
Keynote Speakers

Professor Roy McConkey, University of Ulster, Northern Ireland
Roy is Professor of Learning Disability at the University of Ulster, Northern Ireland; a post jointly funded by the NI Health and Social Care Board.  A psychologist by training and a native of Belfast, he has previously held posts at the University of Manchester, in Dublin and in Scotland.  He has worked in the field of intellectual disability for over 30 years and has authored, co-authored and edited over 15 books, and published over 100 book chapters and research papers in learned journals including nine studies  relating to short term breaks.  His most recent book, Shared Lives. co-authored with John Dunne and Nick Blitz, is published by Sense Publications.

The title for Roy’s Keynote Speech at the ISBA conference in Galway, June 2010 will be ‘Swimming against the tide - remodelling services for people with intellectual disabilities?’

Professor Robyn Munford, Massey University, New Zealand
Robyn is Professor of Social Work, School of Health and Social Services, Massey University, New Zealand. She has qualifications in social work, disability studies and sociology and is the co-leader of a FRST funded longitudinal project researching young people’s pathways to resilience. Robyn has extensive experience in disability and family research including research on family wellbeing using participatory and action research methodologies and has published internationally on this research. She has recently completed an action research project that explored social and community practice in community-based settings. Robyn has published widely on social and community work theory and practice including strengths-based practice, disability studies; community development and bicultural practice; research methods; research ethics; children and young people; and, family wellbeing.