Irish Social Science Platform Summer School, June 22-26, 2009
Post-Summer School Assignment

Policy-relevant research has become a priority in these current challenging times. The ISSP Summer School aims at contributing to the understanding of policy making issues that involve innovative solutions for sustainable communities, balanced regional development and the knowledge society.

Each participant at the Summer School is required to submit a policy-relevant research paper on theme of “Connecting interdisciplinary theoretical research questions with current policy debates in the context of your own PhD research”. The purpose of this assignment is first, to facilitate participants a mechanism to understand the relevance of their own research from a policy perspective, and second, to provide a framework for the publication of quality academic papers.

Research papers will be published in a Summer School Proceeding Book (with ISBN).

There is a special session in the Summer School, chaired by the members of the Organising Committee dedicated to the assignment procedure. The objective of this session is to discuss the details of particular research papers on an individual basis and to answer any queries that participants may have about the assignment. This will take place on Friday afternoon, and participants should attend. Please check the Individual Assignment Consultation Time Sheet in your conference pack for details.

Participants must use the template provided to submit their assignments. Papers should be submitted on-line on this website, following the link on the side bar to Paper Submission. Please follow this link to download the Assignment Template.

If you have any difficulties submitting your paper please contact Angela Sice or Valerie Parker

Details on the required structure, length and format of your paper are in the ISSP Summer School template. Submitted manuscripts must be original, unpublished contributions, and they must not be concurrently on offer to any other publication.

Submitting a scholarly paper for publication can be demanding and we strongly encourage you to work with your research supervisor(s).

The assessment procedure will be based on an accepted/rejected for publication criterion. You will obtain your credits (pass) if your paper is accepted for publication.

The deadline for submission is the 30th September 2009.