Science & Technology in the European Periphery, June 17-20, 2010
About STEP

STEP is an international group of historians of science, medicine and technology founded in 1999 by scholars from all over Europe ( Its members communicate via the NODUS mailing list.  STEP organizes biannual meetings to explore the historical character of science, medicine and technology in regions and societies on the periphery of Europe. 

The themes of past meetings are as follows:
 Scientific travels (Lisbon, STEP 2000)
 Textbooks (Athens, STEP 2002)
 Traditions and realities of national historiographies of science (Aarhus, STEP 2004)
 Popularization of science and technology (Minorca, STEP 2006)
 Scientific controversies in the European periphery (Istanbul, STEP 2008)

For a list of publications by STEP members, and illustrating STEP's range of interests, see here.