Irish Social Science Platform Annual Conference, December 01/02, 2009
Full Paper Submission Guidelines

Please note: Only papers submitted online will be accepted. Please submit at Full Paper Submissions

Only on receipt of the full paper by 2.00pm on Monday 2nd November will the paper be considered as part of the conference proceedings and can therefore:

  • Receive a slot in the conference schedule;
  • Appear in the conference proceedings;
  • Be cited as a conference paper on curriculum vitae;
  • Be considered for any of the prizes.

Please note that there will be no additional editing of final papers prior to their inclusion in the conference proceedings. Please be aware of this when submitting your final copy.

Format Guidelines for Full Papers (Completed and Development Papers)

  1. Word count: 3,000 – 6,000 words
  2. Font: Times New Roman
  3. Font Size: 12
  4. Left justified
  5. Margins of one inch
  6. Major headings: Bold, CAPITALS
  7. Minor Headings: Bold, Upper and Lower Case
  8. Harvard Referencing System (name, date), e.g. reference: (Smith, 1998); quote: (Smith, 1998: 234)
  9. Length of abstract (excluding cover page): Maximum 500 words. Please include the abstract on a separate page.
  10. Cover page to contain the following:
    a. Title of Paper: (Bold, CAPITALS, centred)
    b. Authors’ Name: (Bold, Upper and Lower Case)
    c. Authors’ Institution, Postal Address, Telephone number and Email address
    d. Please indicate clearly the most suitable theme (Knowledge Society; Sustaining  Communities; Balanced Regional & Rural Development)
    e. Please indicate whether it is a Completed or Development paper
    f. Please indicate whether it is a Postgraduate/Postdoctoral paper

Schedule: Key Dates

  • 7th September 2009: Deadline for submission of abstracts (300-500 words)
  • 2nd November 2009 at 2.00pm: Deadline for submission of full papers, both completed and development papers comprising 3,000 to 6,000 words
  • 20th November 2009: Deadline for registration 

Conference Proceedings

Please note that all full papers accepted will be included in the conference proceedings which will be allocated an ISBN number. All presented papers will be published on CD as part of the conference proceedings.

Conference Awards

We are pleased to announce that NUI Galway will sponsor best paper prizes for:

  • Best Overall Paper
  • Best Postdoctoral Paper
  • Best Postgraduate Paper
  • Best paper for each of the three pillars of ISSP 
    • Knowledge Society
    • Sustaining Communities
    • Balanced Regional & Rural Development