European Health Psychology Conference, August 2005

Authors will be notified whether their abstract has been accepted for oral presentations by April 30th and for posters by May 20th. Poster abstracts are welcome until 30th of April 2005. Oral submission has been closed. 
Authors are invited to submit poster  abstracts for  for consideration by the scientific programme committee. The agreed conference tracks are listed hereunder. Accepted abstracts from registered participants will be published in a supplement of the Society's journal - Psychology & Health. This will be available at the conference.
All abstracts must be submitted on line and must adopt the following format.

Abstract preparation

  1. Please note that your presentation will be scheduled in the programme only if the registration fee has been paid by June 30.   Paid  registration, by this date, is also a condition for abstract publication.
  2. Abstracts must be in English. Abstracts should not exceed 300 words, inclusive of the title and should be presented as follows;
    Title - This should not exceed 20 words, Typeface; Times New Roman, bold, 10pt.   
    Author - Typeface: Times New Roman, bold, 10pt.   
    Body Text - Typeface: Times New Roman, 10 pt.    
  3. Please use the following format:
    The text of the abstract for all submissions should include:
    • OBJECTIVES. A statement of the purpose of the study (preferably in one sentence).
    • METHODS. A brief description of the methods used in the study.
    • RESULTS. A summary of the results obtained in sufficient detail.
    • CONCLUSIONS. Theoretical and/or practical implications of the study.
  4. Make sure to indicate your choice of type of submission (paper, poster, symposium or round table).  All abstracts for oral presentation should include findings. Those that only include statements such as “experiments are in progress“ or “results will be discussed“ will not be accepted for oral presentation but may be considered as a poster presentation.
    Each symposium should identify the track number under which it is being submitted. The time available is 100 minutes  which should include 4 papers of 20 minutes each and 10 minutes for general discussion.
  5. Do not submit attachments, slides, or any reference materials with the abstract.
  6. All authors should proof-read the abstract carefully for grammar and spelling. If English is not your first language, we strongly recommend that you have your final abstract proofread by someone fluent in English before you submit it.
  7. Type the abstract single-spaced. Use Arabic numerals for all numbers except at the beginning of a sentence where they should be written out. Use standard abbreviations and symbols. Keep abbreviations to a minimum and define each one when it is used for the first time.

Instructions for submissions other than individual papers or posters

Each symposium will last for 100 minutes and will consist of 4 oral presentations and a discussion. After the presentations, the discussant will provide a brief overview of the main issues (no more than 5 minutes) and facilitate a general discussion on the topic by the audience and the presenters. To submit a symposium you must submit:
1. A symposium title.
2. Track number under which it is being submitted.
3. A summary of the symposium, outlining the symposium as a whole and integrating the individual contributions (not more than 400 words).
4. A precise timetable indicating running order and how long each section will take.
5. Name, affiliation and address of the convenor, who will also act as chairperson.
6. Name, affiliation and address of the discussant.
7. Name, affiliation and address of each of the 4 presenters.
8. An abstract for each individual paper following the standard abstract preparation guidelines.

A workshop provides an opportunity for a group of participants to achieve a specific goal or address a particular problem. It should have a clear structure and require active participation by everyone involved. To submit a workshop you must submit:

1. A workshop title.
2. Name, affiliation and address of the workshop leader(s) or facilitator(s).
3. A summary of the purpose, rationale, objectives and format of the workshop (not more than 400 words).
4. The maximum number of participants for the workshop.
5. A brief description of the intended participants, e.g. ‘this workshop would be suitable for post-graduate students or people who are new to research’.

Round table session
A round table session provides an opportunity to discuss different approaches to a single theme, e.g. a particular theoretical or research approach or a domain of work of health psychologists. The normal format is a series of brief presentations, all addressing the same topic from 4 – 5 presenters, followed by an extended discussion period. To submit a round table session you must submit:

1. A round table session title.
2. Name, affiliation and address of the round table chairperson and the presenters.
3. A summary of the purpose, rationale, objectives and format of the round table session (not more than 400 words).

Submission of Abstracts

  1. Please submit your abstract on the abstract submission page.  The final date for receipt of abstracts and proposals for symposia is February 14th.  No graphics can be submitted on-line. Poster abstracts are welcome 2 January – 30 April 2005. One oral abstract only will be accepted from individuals. 
  2. The abstract should be saved as a word document and submitted as an attachment.  Please see list of conference tracks hereunder and choose the appropriate one for your presentation
  3. The Track Chairs and Scientific Committee will review the abstracts. Accepted papers will be allocated to oral presentations or to poster sessions depending on the number, quality and content of submissions.
  4. Authors will be notified whether their abstract has been accepted for oral presentations by April 30th and for posters by May 20th. Please indicate in your abstract the corresponding author with full contact information.
  5. The programme will be posted on the Internet in advance of the meeting.
  6. Abstract Correspondence: The corresponding author’s name should be given in full, last name first with full address, telephone, fax, and e-mail address.

The agreed conference tracks for EHPS 2005 are:


1. Public Health/Health promotion


2. Individual differences/Personality


3. Occupational Health


4. Genetics/ Psychobiology


5. Theories and Models


6. Social and Cultural Issues and Inequalities


7. Self Regulation and Coping


8. Emotions and Health


9. Translating theory into Practice /Interventions


10. Methodological Issues


11. Family and Health


12. Community and Health


13. Chronic Illness


14.  Miscellaneous