International Criminal Court Summer School, June 18-22, 2012
2010 Programme

Summer Course on the International Criminal Court at the

Irish Centre for Human Rights

20 – 24 June 2010

Theatre 125, IT Building



Sunday June 20th


09.00 Registration


10.00 Keynote Introductory Address 
            Prof. William Schabas, Director of the Irish Centre for Human Rights


11.15 Coffee Break


11.30 Modes of Liability
            Mr. John McManus, Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs


13.00 Lunch


14.15 Admissibility (complementarity-gravity)
           Dr. Mohamed El Zeidy, International Criminal Court

15.45 Coffee Break


16.00 Evidence and Disclosure

            Mr. Fabricio Guariglia, International Criminal Court

17.30 Snacks


18.00 Film: Judgement at Nuremburg


Monday June 21st


10.00 PUBLIC LECTURE: Reflections on the ICC Review Conference

Prof. William A. Schabas


11.15 Coffee Break


11.45 Subject matter jurisdiction: war crimes
             Dr. Ray Murphy, Irish Centre for Human Rights


13.15 Lunch


14.30 The triggering mechanism
            Mr. Rod Rastan, International Criminal Court


15.45   Coffee Break


15.45    General principles of international criminal law
                Prof. Hector Olasolo, Utrecht University

18.00    Book launch at the Irish Centre for Human Rights: Dr. Noam Lubell, Extraterritorial Use of Force against Non-State Actors (Oxford University Press, 2010)

Tuesday June 22nd


9.30   Individual criminal responsibility

             Prof. Hector Olasolo, Utrecht University

11.30 Tourism: Boat trip to Aran Islands


Wednesday June 23rd


9.30   Subject matter jurisdiction: genocide/crimes against humanity 
           Prof. William A. Schabas

11.00 Coffee Break


11.15 Victims’ participation
            Mr. John McManus


12.45 Lunch


14.00 Rights of the accused
            Mr. Everard O’Donnell, formerly of the ICTR


15.30 Coffee Break


15.45 Procedure: The Rules of Procedure and Evidence 
Mr. Hakan Friman, Swedish Department of Foreign Affairs


17.30 Close of lectures 


Thursday June 24th


9.30   Procedure: cont’d 
            Mr. Hakan Friman


11.00 Coffee Break


11.15 The ICC and the Security Council

Prof. William A. Schabas
12.45 Lunch


14.15 Defences in International Criminal Law

Dr. Shane Darcy 

15.30 Moot Court in Galway Courthouse


17.30 Close of lectures and certificate ceremony

20.00 Evening Boat cruise on Lake Corrib

             Entertainment by Mad Uncle Harry: