Interdisciplinary Practice Education Workshops, May 31st - June 2nd 2010
Workshop information

At each workshop there are places for 25 clinical supervisors / practice educators working with occupational therapy, speech & language therapy and podiatry students from NUI Galway. 


Participants MUST attend these workshops in sequenceŚLevel 1, Level 2 and Level 3.


31st May: Interdisciplinary Workshop Level 1: Introduction to Working with Students.

This workshop is intended for both the experienced supervisor/educator and for those who are planning to work with students in the near future.  The course aims to create confidence in the supervisory role. 


1st June: Interdisciplinary Workshop Level 2: Giving Feedback to Students and Problem Solving.

The course supports the development of confidence in the feedback process, providing a framework for constructive and productive comments and suggestions. 


2nd June: Interdisciplinary Workshop Level 3: The Supervisory Process and Principles of Assessment of Clinical Competency.

This workshop aims to increase competence and confidence in assessing the progress of students and to explore related issues relevant for peer and managerial supervision.