IAMTA Conference & AGM, November 13th 2010
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The IAMTA initiative sprang from cooperation between Dr Declan Kennedy and Dr James Grannell of UCC with a group of teachers led by Oliver Murphy.  Oliver had been in the vanguard of a fight to sustain Applied Mathematics as a core Leaving Cert subject despite the indifference shown towards it by officialdom.  Participation had dropped to a level where the very existence of the subject was no longer guaranteed. Uncertainty as to its future and rumours of its demise had left enthusiastic teachers of the subject in a state of some despondency.
A metamorphosis has occurred and now teachers of Applied Mathematics are aware that a vibrant dynamic organisation exists to assist them in their difficulties and to promote Applied Mathematics in our schools.  Can our subject be the key to the provision of ‘problem-solvers,’ the necessity of whom is required to fuel the much-vaunted ‘smart economy’?
Confirmation of our young organisation’s appeal to teachers lies in a large membership and substantial attendances at each of the three Annual Conferences to date.  These gatherings have afforded teachers an opportunity to exchange views, cement plans for the future and enjoy the social atmosphere of the conference dinner and lunch.