Gender & Child Welfare Network: 4th Interdisciplinary Conference, June 15, 2011

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Gender and Child Welfare Conference

June 15th, 2011, Aras Moyola
National University of Ireland, Galway

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9.15 Registration
9.45 Welcome – Professor Chris Curtin, National University of   Ireland, Galway 
10.00   Norah Gibbons (Barnardos):  Why Gender matters in child welfare and protection (Chair: Professor B. Featherstone)
10.45   Coffee
11.00  Morning Workshops
12. 15  Jonathan Scourfield (University of Cardiff):  Engaging fathers: Does training social workers make a difference?  (Chair:  Trish Walsh, Trinity College, Dublin)
1pm  LUNCH
2.00  Afternoon Workshops
3.15    Stephanie Holt (Trinity College, Dublin): Mothering in the Context of Domestic Violence (Chair Alastair Christie: University College Cork)
4.00  Tim Kelly (Changing Ways, Ontario, Canada): Caring Dads: key learning from working with maltreating fathers and child welfare in Canada 
4.45 Brid Featherstone (National University of Ireland, Galway):  Where do we go from here?
5pm   Conference ends 

Workshops: 11.00- 12.15

Workshop A  Chair: Brid Featherstone, NUIG  (MY243 Lecture Theatre)
• Maternal ambivalence and social work assessment practice:  integrating learning from research and personal experience: Alison Domakin, Manchester Metropolitan University, UK
• Forgotten Parents:  Incarcerated Mothers and Child Protection: Caroline Long Burry, University of Maryland Baltimore and Margarete Parrish, University of Gloucestershire, UK
• Protecting Children from Sexual Abuse: a nuanced approach to working with mothers: Rosemary Carlton and Julia Krane, McGill University Canada

Workshop B  Chair:  Fergus Landy, NUIG (Room 127)
• Holding Men to Account in Domestic Violence – Shifting the Focus from Compulsion to Change: John Devaney, Queen’s University Belfast and Maurice Mahon, Queen’s University Belfast
• Caring Dads: Helping Fathers Value their Children: An intervention programme for maltreating fathers and fathers who expose their children to the abuse of their mothers:   Tim Kelly, Changing Ways, Ontario,  Canada
• Unravelling the complexities of contested contact (access): the views of mothers and fathers: Margaret McKenzie, University of Otago, New Zealand 

Workshop C   Chair:  Sheila Garrity, NUIG  (Room 129)
• Social workers, mothers and domestic violence: ‘Surfing towards support, but being pulled back by the riptide of child protection?‘ : Michele O’Flanagan,  Limerick Institute of Technology
• One Dimensional Social Work: Are perceptions of risk in child protection producing ‘gender harm’ in social work practice? : Susan Kennedy, Northampton, UK
• Child to Parent Violence – Challenging Perspectives and New Approaches to  Family Violence: Declan Coogan, National University of Ireland, Galway, Ireland

Afternoon Workshops 2 pm-3.15

Workshop D  Chair:  Leanne Robins (NUIG)_ (129))
• Is there gender symmetry in intimate partner violence? Mary Allen, University College, Dublin
• In the name of the father? Gender  and systemic isolation as aspects of the Irish Catholic  Child Abuse Scandal: David Pilgrim,  University of Central Lancashire, UK

Workshop E  Chair: Trish Walsh (TCD)  (Lecture Theatre)
• Engaging Fathers in Family Support: An exploratory study:  Niamh O Rourke, Trinity College Dublin
• Irish fathers’ parenting experiences with a disabled child: an exploratory study: Aidan Cooney, Senior Social Worker, HSE, Limerick 
• Qualified by gender? Men as professionals in child welfare: Kim-Patrick Sabla, University of Vechta, Germany