CoralFISH Science Meeting, October 31st - November 4th 2011

Monday 31st October

08:30               Registration


09:00-09:20     Welcome

09:20-09:40     WP3 overview

09:40-10:00     Overview of the CoralFISH activities in the Azores. Morato et al.

10:00-10:20     Deep sea benthic fish from bathyal biotopes in the Azores: interaction with cold-water corals as observed by ROV surveys. Porteiro et al.

10:20-10:40     Assessing interactions between fish and cold water coral reefs on the northern Norwegian continental shelf. Kutti et al.


11:20-11:40     The Impact of Fishing on CWC Communities in the Azores. Pham et al.

11:40-12:00     New records of rare deep-water fish species in the Eastern Ionian Sea. Mytilineou et al.

12:00-12:20     The cephalopod species associated with the deep waters of the Eastern Ionian, as evidenced by their remains in the stomach content of fish caught during long-line experimental fishing. Lefkaditou et al.

12:20-12:40     The fish population of cold-water coral communities determined by video surveys and/or baited experiments in the NE Atlantic and Mediterranean. Lavaleye et al.

12:40-13:00     Deep sea fish biodiversity in the Eastern Ionian Sea: comparisons of coral and non-coral areas. Smith et al.


14:20-14:40     Protocol and illustrated glossary for mapping and characterisation of cold-water coral ecosystems. Beuck et al.

14:40-15:00     Comparison of biological and population parameters of species inhabiting a coral and a non-coral area in the Eastern Ionian Sea. Mytilineou et al.

15:00-15:20     Long line impact on cold water corals using two different hook sizes. Mytilineou et al.

15:20-15:40     Preliminary qualitative diet analysis for deep-water fishes inhabiting a coral and a non-coral area in the Eastern Ionian Sea. Anastasopoulou et al.


16:00-16:20     Spatial analysis of fish communities and coral habitats. Ragnarsson & Burgos

16:20-17:30     WP3 Discussion/ Planning


Tuesday 1st November

09:00-09:20     WP8 overview

09:20-09:40     Coralfisheries interactions in bioeconomic modelling Comparing Norway and Icelands redfish fisheries. Foley et al.

09:40-10:00     WP8 Discussion/Planning

10:00-10:20     WP7 overview

10:20-10:40     Some Results of Preliminary Investigations of Irish logbook and VMS data. Harrison


11:20-12:20     WP7 Discussion/Planning

12:20-12:40     WP2 overview

12:40-13:00     Assessing interactions between long-line fishing and cold water coral reefs on the Norwegian continental shelf using VMS and log book data. Kutti et al.


14:20-14:40     Information on the deep-water fishery in the Eastern Ionian Sea collected from questionnaires. Mytilineou et al.

14:40-15:00     High resolution fishing effort mapping on the Icelandic shelf. Ragnarsson & Burgos

15:00-15:20     Mapping bottom and pelagic longline fishing effort using Vessel Monitoring System data (VMS) in the Azores. Morato et al.

15:20-15:40     In situ observations of the benthopelagic fauna in the Santa Maria di Leuca coral province. Maiorano et al.


16:00-16:20     Can the Santa Maria di Leuca coral province act as an essential fish habitat for the teleosts fish Helicolenus dactylopterus and Pagellus bogaraveo? D'Onghia et al.

16:20-17:30     WP 2 Discussion/Planning


Wednesday 2nd November

09:00-09:20     WP1 overview

09:20-09:40     High resolution Side Scan Sonar data from S.Maria di Leuca CWC province (northern Ionian sea). Savini et al.

09:40-10:00     Coral habitats in the Bay of Biscay: a detailed analysis of the CE-cruise. van den Beld et al.

10:00-10:20     Regional study of the Bay of Biscay : first result about coral species and habitat distribution. Guillaumont et al.

10:20-10:40     Bathyal benthic habitats from the southern Apulian slope: characterization, spatial distribution and modifications through time. Vertino et al.


11:20-11:40     Preliminary results BobEco. Arnaud-Haond

11:40-12:00     Cold-water corals of the Azores: preliminary assessment of the spatial distribution and diversity. Braga-Henriques et al.

12:00-13:00     WP1 Discussion/ Planning



Afternoon: Field Trip


Evening: Conference Dinner


Thursday 3rd November

09:00-09:20     WP6 overview

09:20-09:40     Benthic currents at three coral mound provinces in the NE Atlantic west of Ireland: A model study using an embedded computational grid. Mohn et al.

09:40-10:00     The predicted distribution of Lophelia pertusa reef habitat in Irish waters using a maximum entropy model. Rengstorf et al.

10:00-10:40     WP6 Discussion/Planning


11:20-11:40     WP5 overview

11:40-12:00     Review of the BRIL (autonomous photographic lander) dataset for Regions 1, 3 and 6 and new data acquired at Region 3 and 4. Linley et al.

12:00-12:20     Cold-water coral fish interactions: Insights at the ecosystem level. van Oevelen et al.

12:20-12:40     Reef effect of offshore artificial structures on the distribution of gadoid fishes in the North Sea. Fujii

12:40-13:00     WP5 Discussion/Planning


14:20-16:20     Data Workshop 10b

                        An update on Work Package 9 focusing on education, dissemination and outreach

                        Data Workshop 10b


16:40-17:00     WP4 overview

17:00-17:20     An update on Work Package 9 focusing on education, dissemination and outreach

17:20-18:00     WP10 overview & AGM


Friday 4th November

09:00-10:40     Coral Atlas Workshop


11:00-12:00     Workshop (TBC)

12:00-13:00     Steering Committee Meeting


14:20-15:40     Workshop (TBC) / Steering Committee Meeting (continued if required)