Shaking the Foundations of Geo-engineering Education, July 4-6, 2012
Information on preparing papers

Paper template

The template and author instructions for preparing papers can be found by following the link and locating SFGE 2012 under the list of conferences.

Paper type and length

Authors must decide the type of contribution “forum”, “technical paper” or “education case study” before submission. The following explanations of the three types are inspired from (but are not identical to) the “Types of Content” of the ASCE journals(,--Editors/Journals/General-Journal-Information/Types-of-Journal-Content/).


A forum is an opinion piece on a broad topic of geo-engineering education of general interest. The purpose of the forum is to advance discussion and propose interventions. A forum must present its topic in the context of related literature. Alternatively, a forum may be informational and focus on activities, e.g. inform on some initiative of relevance to geotechnical engineering education. The maximum length of a forum is 6 pages. An opinion forum will be subjected to review using as basic criterion the framing of the opinion within the existing literature on similar educational issues. An informational forum will be judged on the basis of links made to similar activities.


A technical paper makes an original contribution to geo-engineering education (in the form of a new methodology/theory, or a new product, e.g. a publicly available educational software) and conforms to the accepted scholarly standards in civil engineering research, i.e. it should make reference to the most relevant/recent/important publications on the topic addressed, discuss alternative options and justify the selected approach, include results or products of original work, use tables and figures in a complementary fashion with regards to text, and include succinct conclusions or guidelines for product use. The maximum length of a technical paper is 12 pages. A technical paper will be subjected to review with regards to the aforementioned scholarly standards.


An education case study describes a specific approach followed to address a geo-engineering educational need. The maximum length of a case study is 8 pages. A case study will be subjected to review and judged with the same scholarly standards as a technical paper. In the context of a conference on engineering education, examples for an education case study include an instance of teaching a specific course in a novel way, an instance of using a specific technical case study or several technical case studies in a course, an instance of using software in a course, an instance of incorporating laboratory exercises in a course, etc. It is noted that since there have been numerous papers in the literature of geotechnical engineering education on the aforementioned topics (i.e. computer-based education, use of cases, laboratory experiments, demonstrations), authors should present their educational case study in the context of the existing literature and highlight the novel aspect of the case study presented or the exceptional challenge addressed. In addition, they must discuss the broader implications of the case study presented.


Paper submission


Authors are asked to upload papers through at before 15th Jan 2012, with the same email address and password used for abstract submission.