Maths Symposium, April 2, 2012
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Keynote Speaker

Philip Lloyd – Epsom Girls Grammar, Auckland, New Zealand

The key to success in teaching is “enthusiasm” and a “positive attitude” says Philip Lloyd, who recently celebrated 40 years as a teacher and was recently Director of Mathematics at this prestigious Auckland secondary school. He has been a head of department at three New Zealand schools for a total of 35 years.

"I constantly show enthusiasm about every topic I teach, even when I don't really feel it! Students often comment on how passionate and enthusiastic I sound in lessons, and they obviously enjoy being taught by an enthusiastic teacher!"

He aims to teach mathematics through logical reasons, not rules, so students properly understand what they are doing.

"I absolutely love being able to get students to really understand concepts," he says, adding that this rarely comes from textbooks – something he does not use in his classroom.

He makes all his own resources and willingly shares them with colleagues, saying sometimes he can hardly wait to get to school the next morning to try out new resources.

He says beginning teachers should find a positive role model to act as a mentor.

"Take their advice on everything from how to control a class, to what teaching techniques work best. Be enthusiastic and your students will want to be taught by you."