Well Being in Ireland Conference, June 8, 2012

Helen Johnston, author of Well-being Matters: A Social Report for Ireland, will deliver a keynote address, Why Well-being Matters, (from 9am - 9.40) based on the findings of the report published by the National Economic and Social Council.

Alex Zautra, Foundation Professor of Clinical Psychology, Arizona State University, and author of Emotions, Stress, and Health (Oxford University Press), will deliver a second keynote address on Social Intelligence and Community Well-being: Charting Paths to Resilience (from 9.50 10.30), based on recent well-being research conducted in the U.S. 

This will be followed by an Interactive Management system design workshop (10.45am 1.15pm, with coffee break), where conference participants along with members of our new Health and Well-being research cluster will focus on the issue of "Barriers to Well-Being in Ireland", with a view to identifying problems and subsequent opportunities for action and collaborative research solutions.


Interactive Management is a collaborative system design process developed by John Warfield. Participants develop ideas (or identify problems), select ideas/problems and structure the interdependencies between ideas/problems in a matrix which is then translated into a visual representation of the thinking of the group.  Dr. Michael Hogan, School of Psychology, NUI, Galway, will facilitate the IM workshop.  Interactive Management software will be made available to all conference participants to facilitate their future design thinking.


The afternoon session (2.45 5.45) will be devoted to an interactive poster presentation and networking opportunity that is open to all conference participants. 


Lunch and light refreshments will be provided on the day, and there will be a pub gathering in the evening in the city centre.