Evidence Based Practice in Speech & Language Therapy, July 9-10, 2012
Dr. Jan Broomfield

Dr. Jan Broomfield has worked as an SLT for over 30 years. She completed her PhD in 2003 which involved conducting an RCT of 730 children referred to the Mainstream Children’s SLT Service in Middlesborough over a 15 month period. She explored the nature of the referred caseload, as well as the impact of different models of service delivery e.g. ongoing therapy versus time limited therapy versus therapy provided following a six month wait. Jan has worked closely with Prof. Barbara Dodd and the RCT utilized Dodd’s model of classifying children with speech disorder, and implemented the associated evidence based therapy approaches.  Summaries of these findings have been published in peer-reviewed books and journals.  Jan became a Consultant SLT in 2004, and was RCSLT Councillor for Research and Development from 2008 to 2011.