iHCI 2012: Irish Human Computer Interaction Conference 2012, June 20 - 21
Key Note Speaker

iHCI2012 Keynote Lecture

"Between Film and Digital Media", Professor Rod Stoneman

This presentation will address some of the dramatic and wide-ranging changes initiated in the epoch of new media technologies, but also some underlying continuities from the past century of film. Any examination of the complexities that attend the transition to digital media from earlier analogue configurations encounters enough contradictions to refuse the broad-brush strokes of techno-utopian and dystopian views alike. The political economy of the contemporary media indicates the movement of the problems and possibilities that follow the deployment of digital design and technology. Film can be thought of as a tool to analyse the dynamic interactions in the new era and to explore the challenges that artistic and political thinking may have for computer design.

Professor Rod Stoneman Professor Rod Stoneman is the Director of the Huston School of Film & Digital Media at the National University of Ireland, Galway. He was Chief Executive of Bord Scannán na hÉireann / the Irish Film Board until September 2003 and previously a Deputy Commissioning Editor in the Independent Film and Video Department at Channel 4 Television in the United Kingdom. He has made a number of documentaries, including Ireland: The Silent Voices, Italy: the Image Business, 12,000 Years of Blindness and The Spindle, and has written extensively on film and television. He is the author of Chávez: The Revolution Will Not Be Televised; A Case Study of Politics and the Media and the coeditor of ’ The Quiet Man’… and Beyond: Reflections on a Classic Film, John Ford and Ireland (with Seán Crosson) and Scottish Cinema Now (with Jonathan Murray and Fidelma Farley).