Irish Cytometry Society Conference, 6-7 November, 2012
Registration for Flocyte Training Courses

Flocyte are flow cytometry recruitment and training specialists,   and have been organising and running flow cytometry training courses since 2003. The Flocyte organised courses are designed to increase the knowledge and understanding of flow cytometry for the normal user.

Following the conference, there will be two one day flow cytometry training courses run by Flocyte (Nov 8-9, 2012), at NUI Galway. 

The course, 'DNA and apoptosis' will take place on November 8th and will cover all aspects of cell cycle and apoptosis assays. The course instructor is Derek Davies, Manager of the FACS Laboratory, London Research Institute, Cancer Research UK.

The course, 'Multiparameter Flow and Compensation' will take place on November 9th, topics covered will include: basics of flow cytometry, staining methodologies, controls, strategies for building multi-colour panels and compensation. The course instructor is Alfonso Blanco, Director of the Flow Cytometry Core Facility in University College Dublin.  



Courses can be booked together, or separately. To register for one or both these courses please click here. The deadline for registration for both of these courses is October 5th 2012.