Clinical Biomechanics Podiatry Event July & August 2012
Speaker Profile

Ms Amanda Walsh.

Amanda Walsh is a Podiatry lecturer at NUI Galway with a specialist interest in Clinical Biomechanics and musculoskeletal medicine. Prior to this Amanda was a employed as a Podiatry Team Leader and Biomechanics lead specialist for an NHS trust in Lancashire, UK.
Amanda teaches across all four years of the undergraduate Podiatry programme at NUI Galway with an emphasis on clinical biomechanics, musculoskeletal medicine, gait analysis, podopaediatrics and working with vulnerable adults. Amanda is involved in the clinical supervision of Podopaediatric and musculoskeletal clinics at Merlin Park Podiatry Clinic. Clinical interest and community engagement in the field of falls prevention is also something Amanda is involved with, delivering education sessions to community groups on foot health and falls prevention. In her previous employment Amanda worked as part of multidisciplinary falls clinic assessing patients holistically for falls risk factors.