Article 24, UNCRPD is this a Brown v Board of Education moment?, 22nd February 2014

Prof Michael Shevlin  is an Associate Professor in the School of Education in Trinity College Dublin.  Michael has worked on the area of inclusion in education focusing on developing an inclusive system for all marginalised groups in society but particularly for children with disabilities.  Michael has worked with various education bodies including the National Council for Special Education, the Association of Higher Education Access and Disability.  He has published extensively in the area of inclusion, and special educational needs.

Dr. Paula Flynn is Assistant Professor of Inclusive Education in the School of Education, Trinity College Dublin. Her research interests include: learner voice; critical perspectives of inclusion and exclusion in education and society; leadership for learning; and relational care in the context of education. Her doctoral research Authentic listening to student voice and the transformative potential to empower students with social emotional and behavioural difficulties in mainstream education led to the initiation of a longitudinal learner voice research study in May 2013 on which she is the primary investigator.