Science & Technology in the European Periphery, June 17-20, 2010
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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I use Powerpoint for my presentation?

A: Yes. There will be computers and data projectors in both venues; please bring your presentation on a memory stick (USB stick); our postgraduate assistants will help participants to upload their presentations to the computer before the start of the session. Note that the system is running Windows; if you have prepared your presentation on a Mac, please check carefully to ensure it will display properly under Windows.

Q: Can I book accommodation for additional nights?

A: You can request this in the 'notes' section of the booking form, but we cannot guarantee that it will be possible.

Q: Can I share a room?

A: Yes, but note that 'double rooms' have one large bed, not two single beds.

Q: How do I organise a tourist excursion?

A: There are options for tours on Thursday 17th June and on Monday 21st June. You can book for Monday either in advance or at the conference; for Thursday, you need to book in advance. For advance bookings, see our Excursions page for more details.

Q: Can I pay the fee once I get to Galway? Or can I pay by international bank transfer?

A: Sorry, but no. To confirm numbers, we need you to register through the University conference office website; and this requires you to pay the registration fee to complete the registration process. You can pay by VISA or Mastercard. If you do not own a credit card, it is possible to buy a pre paid credit voucher.  Please see  It will take one minute to register and is free of charge.  You can then purchase a 3v voucher at participating retail outlets.

Q: I need to claim my expenses back - can I have a receipt?

A: You are required to enter your email address when you register online, and an automatic confirmation is issued to this email address confirming your exact registration details as you have included them and confirming the payment deducted from your credit card. Most institutions/agencies will accept this as a receipt. If you need something different (e.g. a certificate of attendance) please contact the organisers.


General Information (provided by NUIG conference office):

Cancellation Policy:  A 20% deposit must be paid to confirm the booking.  All deposits are non refundable/non transferrable.  All group cancellations must be received 6 weeks prior to the arrival date, should a group cancel after this deadline, a cancellation fee of 100% of rooms will be charged. 

Privacy Policy - Payment and Security:
Payment for online registrations are made through the website. Card payments are via REALEX, a secure server (SSL) connection to ensure the safety of your on-line payment. We accept Visa and Mastercard cards only.  Credit card information is used solely for the purpose of payment processing.  Payments are through the online site and details of the card are received only by the secure online payment agent Realex, however, in some instances we will contact you for your card details for additional payments as agreed with you.  We will not share this information at any time.

Directions to Galway:  Please log onto to plan your trip to NUI Galway, University Road, Galway.

  • Climate: Ireland has a mild climate with the warmest months being July and August for more information and the current temperature check
  • Currency: The currency of Ireland is the Euro which is made up of 100 cents, for daily exchange rates check,
  • Language:  There are two official languages in Ireland: Irish, which is the national language, and English which is the language of the majority of the population.
  • No Smoking:  Smoking is now forbidden in enclosed places of work. This includes office blocks, various buildings, public houses/bars, restaurants; for more information: _safety_in_employment/ban_on_smoking_in_the_workplace_in_ireland.html 
  • Time Zone: Ireland is on GMT.
  • Tipping: Most hotels and restaurants include a service charge of 10-15% to your bill. A small tip is appreciated for good service. Tipping is not usual in pubs.  Taxies are tipped 10%.
  • Vat Refunds: Value Added Tax (VAT) is usually included in the price of goods and services in Ireland. Visitors to Ireland from outside the EU can obtain a refund of VAT.
  • Visas:  For the latest information on visa requirements check.
  • Voltage: Mains electricity is supplied at 220 Volts